Generic Spaceshooter Mystic Power Turbo X The title says it all. It’s a generic space shooter…with a few shiny effects. Was put together to see how various pieces (like the Audio object) work. [up], [down], [le [...]
Drop Zone Defend your cannon from dynamite wielding paratroopers in this remake of an Apple classic. Move the mouse left/right to rotate the cannon and hold the left mouse button to shoot.
Trialgame My first game developed from beginners guide game. I’m going to put a starting screen, instructions and maybe different levels. Also time will stop and monsters won’t s [...]
First game deomo the first game i made with construct 2, move with the arrow keys shoot with the left mouse click click again to control your bullet in the direction of the cursor. right click to d [...]
Spaceship Combat Testing Construct 2 Player 1 – [Up Arrow] Thrustler, [Right Arrow] and [Left Arrow] Turn, [Down Arrow] Shoot. Player 2 – [W] Thrustler, [A] and [D] Turn, [S] Shoot.
Tapoot hunter A game I made to make my brother angry. It’s supposed to be dumb. [Arrow keys] to move, [left mouse] to shoot. Refresh page to restart the game.
Kill Arkan My bully at school specially made for my friend abisha and aidan ( sorry if it sucks) Press arrow keys to move and use the left mouse button to shoot.
Connecticut's Education Board ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) W to go up, A to go right, S to go down, D to go right, aim and shoot with the mouse.
Kill the Creepers! This is the first game I have made using Construct 2. You are Steve (the one from minecraft) and there are creepers relentlessly attacking you. Pick up your rifle and fire away to [...]
Kill the Creepers (Updated) This is an updated version to my other Kill the Creepers game. This one features sounds, a health bar, and space bar reset button functionality. I hope you guys like it! [Arrow key [...]
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