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Pyro Jump Leap from one wheel to another and try to catch Princess Paper in a hundred or so levels full of pitfalls. Pyro, the little flame, is burning with love for the princess and is read [...]
Bird journey click to fly , avoid balloons and collect goods click to fly
Jack Run Collect as many coins as possible and avoid the mummy. Jump with the space bar or arrow key up.
飚车女孩换装 她特别喜欢像男生一样的去飚车,因为她觉得那样特别拉风,特别帅气。你呢,在路边上看到别人骑着帅气的摩拖车,会不会也有一种很想去骑的感觉。快来帮她搭配上漂亮的骑车服一起去兜风吧。 游戏缓冲后点击进行操作玩。 [...]
罪案现场21血溅厨房 一个血腥的厨房,究竟里面藏着什么秘密呢?等待你去发掘… 鼠标控制,点击左下角move里的空格可以向不同的场景转换.1.进门廊后捡起锤子,打开突起的地板,在头骨上得数字.2.进左边门的厨房,在下面右数第二个柜子取得小刀后回门廊… [...]
主人麻将连连看 又是一款好玩的连连看小游戏,考验你的眼力,快来试试吧! 在限定时间内,消除所有相同的麻将吧! 鼠标左键点击两个相同的麻将即可消除。注意:左右两侧同时存在着麻将或被其他麻将压着,则无法选取哦。 [...]
8关考眼力 考考你的眼力如何~在疯狂移动的盒子中找到藏着东西的那只盒子,小编特别提醒:小心自己的眼睛会看晕掉哦~ 找到藏着东西的那只盒子。 鼠标操作,在盒子移动完成后,用鼠标点选那只装着东西的盒子 [...]
Astro Maze escape from the labyrinth with the spaceship and collect all the diamonds.
Maze must escape the maze in the shortest possible time
Plane World 3 Traning, perfect missions and aircraft types, special skills, system of rewards, training, career development, and a lot of battles in a multi-language game – Plane World 3. [...]
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